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Theatre Reviews


Wonderful Town

With just one musical number, “Pass the Football,” Evan Bergman pretty much steals the show as Wreck, an off-season football player and neighbor. Bergman has talent, and lots of it. That number alone could make the show worth seeing.

-Clare Aukofer

C’ville Pulse, Charlottesville, VA

Big Love


Bergman is raw and primal as Constantine, the ultimate misogynist brute. Bergman's monologue about the expectation that men should be animalistic killers during war and repress those urges the rest of the time is one of the most riveting moments of the show.


-Candace Chaney 

Herald Leader, Lexington, KY

A Streetcar Named Desire


Bergman plays Stanley as a gregarious fellow who easily slips into his dark, violent side. But through his charisma, you see why people are attracted to him, from his bowling buddies to his loyal wife.  Bergman manages his tone beautifully to highlight key portions of the scenes and come across as reasonable, albeit barely.

Clark and Bergman...bring palpable chemistry to their performances...leading two of this production’s strongest scenes.

-Rich Copley

Herald Leader, Lexington, KY

The Odd Couple

 Bergman and Hull each brought considerable nuance to their roles, which gave the comedy weight and substance between the laughs. Bergman's freewheeling swagger as the overly lax Oscar is a formidable foil for Hull's uptight neuroticisms as Felix.

-Candace Chaney 

Herald Leader, Lexington, KY

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